Collections - Ancient Coins

Can be found in:

Abandoned cupboard, Box, Collapse, Heap of Stones, Heap of tyre casings, Knight's Castle, Water Gigantum, Pile of garbage, Ruins, Granite Rock, Barrel, Freedom, Stub, Sharp rocks, Marble, Hole, Water bush, Pot of Gold, Thorns, Washstand, Brown rock, Dynamiting Ruins, Provisions Magnet, upgrading Excavations, Sorter, Quartzarium, Garbagebot Box, Feeding Holoprojector, upgrading Ice Fir-tree, New Year's Present, Ice Sheep, Ice Monkey, Holoprojector

Reward: 50xpXP, 1,000 coinCoin

Tasks Involved In
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Requirement Line Mandatory?
017.013A crazy expenditure! Exchange the Ancient Coins collection (0/36) Observatory
001.041Moneychangers Exchange the collection of Ancient coins (0/6) Earth Many Years Later Optional
003.003Numismatist-amateur Exchange 3 collections of Ancient coins at the black market (0/3) Drop Zone Optional