Crude Oil - Warehoused

  • Can be sold at the Market for: 450 coinCoin, 9 xpXP each.

Resources menu tab
Wasteland - Oil
Rare Forest - Oil

Generated by Oil Rig at a rate of 1 every 3:00:00

Scavenge in Wasteland or Rare Forest

Occasionally found in New Sturdy Barrel

Occasionally dropped by Holoprojector

Production menu tab

Use 2 when making Solid Oil in Factory

Use 2 when making Machine Oil in Factory

Use 2 when making Dynamite in Chemical Laboratory

Buildings menu tab

Use 52 when building step 3 of Transport Module

Use 28 when building step 4 of Blast Furnace

Use 38 when building Step 4 of DMC-13

Use 27 when building Step 1 of The Scientific Workshop

Monuments menu tab

Use 48 when unlocking Signal Zone

Use 52 when unlocking Garbagebot Valley

Use 48 when unlocking The Science Township

Use 40 when unlocking The Ruined City

Tasks Involved In
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Requirement Line
017.002A Long Flight Collect Oil from the Oil Rig (0/32) Observatory
Amazing Timmy! Reward: 1 Crude Oil Movie! Movie!
012.039Basic components Collect Crude oil (0/23) Space Exploration
013.020Fuel and energy Collect oil from Oil rig (0/15) Scientific Samples
016.004Fuel for the road Collect Crude oil from the Oil rig (0/14) Unknown Trails
010.005Fuel supplies Pick Oil from the Oil Rig (0/60) To the New Lands
016.029It's easy! Collect Oil from Oil Rigs (0/27) Unknown Trails
009.011Minerals for Blasting furnace Pick up Petrol out of Petrol Tower (0/30) Old Tree
008.012Security enhancements Reward: 2 Crude Oil Big Road
012.066The Flight Collect the Oil (0/24) Space Exploration
016.023Wow! Incredible! Collect Oil from Oil Mills (0/37) Unknown Trails