Dry Fir-tree is a lootable element found in your own area and in the Neighbourhood. It can also be bought in the Resources tab and placed. It is one of the main sources of Tree.

Dry Fir-tree can be harvested by Timmy. It drops Tree and 1 xpXP. It may also drop 1 coinCoin, 1 EnergyEnergy icon, Lighters, Lids of Legendary Beer.

Tasks Involved In
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Requirement Line
003.007A lot of rubbish Take away the Dry Fir-tree in full (0/2) Drop Zone
001.045Area for building Cut down Dry Fir-tree in full (0/2) Earth Many Years Later
001.063Away with drought! Cut down Dry trees in full (0/4) Earth Many Years Later
016.026Clean! Fell completely the Dry Fir-tree (0/3) Unknown Trails
012.033Endurance! Cut Dry fir-tree (0/1) Space Exploration
012.077Garden works Cut down the Dry Pine (0/5) Space Exploration
010.018One more cleaning Take away all Dry trees (0/3) To the New Lands
010.059Place for a wagon Fully cut Dry tree (0/8) To the New Lands
016.015Stumps and stones Remove Dry fir-tree in full (0/4) Unknown Trails
012.069The Construction place Cut down the Dry Fir (0/5) Space Exploration
017.005Thickets Remove completely the Dry Wood (0 / 3) Observatory
16.074Total Ruins Remove Dry Woods (0/6) Unknown Trails