Rubber Pipe - Warehoused

  • Can be sold at the Market for: 26 coinCoin each.

Resources menu tab

Create at Processing Shop

Occasionally dropped when charging Launcher with Battery

Occasionally dropped when charging Excavations with Battery

Occasionally found in Creator, Control panel, Ship's console, New Creator, New Control panel, New Control unit

Facility Materials Time
Processing Shop 2 Rubber 4:00 Processing Shop - Material Processing - Rubber Pipe

Production menu tab

Use 1 when making Hose in Processing Shop

Use 1 when making Corrugated Pipe in Processing Shop

Use 3 when making Wires in Factory

Use 18 when making Cable in Builders' Wagon

Buildings menu tab

Use 10 when building Step 3 of Press

Use 50 when building Step 1 of Computer

Monuments menu tab

Tasks Involved In
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Requirement Line
011.013Chamber of Secrets Deliver 5 Microcircuit, 2 Nuclear Battery, 8 Rubber Pipe, 1 Explosives Back to the Past
001.054Don't spin it out! Make Rubber pipes at the Processing shop (0/6) Earth Many Years Later