Sawdust - Warehoused
  • One of few items which can be both harvested and produced.
  • Can be sold at the Market for: 34 coinCoin each.

Resources menu tab
Wasteland - Sawdust

Scavenge at Wasteland

Harvest from Snag

Can be awarded by Tavern

Facility Materials Time
Sawmill 3 Brushwood 00:30 Sawmill - Material Processing - Sawdust

Buildings menu tab
Step Resources menu tab
Stone Quarry 2 2 Pipes
7 Pressed Metal
4 Sawdust

Monuments menu tab

Use 14 when rekindling the Halt

Tasks Involved In
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Requirement Line
009.019Bob - a mushroom-maker Deliver 52 Sawdust Old Tree
012.016Internal trim Create Sawdust at the Sawmill (0/30) Space Exploration
001.029Load production Make Sawdust at Sawmill (0/5) Earth Many Years Later
012.020Minor improvements Create Sawdust at the Sawmill (0/36) Space Exploration