Government General: "It is necessary to examine th enearby territories, perhaps there are survivors that need help. Radio tower will help you to scan the territories."

Tasks - 01 EMYL 005 - Search for survivors

Previous Task: Ready to take off!

Requirement 1: Put Radio tower near Bunker

Rewards: 30 xpXP, 170 coinCoin

Next Task(s): Go to search for food!, Be a guest, Stamps from Command staff

Task Line: Earth Many Years Later

When you finish this task you receive the following message:
Message from Spot:
Message 009 - Signal is... - 01.005
Message from Spot:
Message 010 - Search for food - 01.005


  • After this task you can choose which of your friends to give you Survivor Token to. Choose carefully - after 3 tokens, your friend will receive 10,000coinCoin, 5StampStamp and 20 Water.