This page is about the building. For the task, see Trade outlet

"At the Trade outlet you can find rare goods at the acceptable price and offer your goods at the price that is higher than market price as well."

Unlocks at Level 11

Related Task(s): Trade outlet, Favourable haggles

Price: 50,000 coinCoin

Building Steps: 2


  • You can price items at a price from as low as the Market price, to twice that amount.
  • The trade outlet adds a 10% commission to all prices.
  • You can only see offers from players below or equal your level.
  • You cannot buy materials in the Trade Outlet while Coins Booster is active.

Buildings menu tab

Step Resources menu tab Time Reward
1 16 Block
15 Boards
36 Crushed Stone
12 Cement
4:00:00 300xpXP
Trade Outlet - Step 1
2 4 Rope
5 Gear
3 Metal Sheet
2 Nails
4:20:00 990xpXP
Trade Outlet - Step 2
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